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CV Register of Electronic Valves

CV Register of Electronic Valves Issue 1, Dec 1944 (Cover)


  • Corrections 1
  • Corrections 2
  • Corrections 3
  • Corrections 4
  • Corrections 5
  • Corrections 6
  • Register part "A"
  • Register part "B"
  • Cross-reference: valve type designations to CV number
  • Cross-reference: Admiralty Pattern number to CV number
  • Cross-reference: ZA or ZC number to CV number
  • Cross-reference: 10E/ to CV number
  • Cross-reference: 110E/ to CV number
  • Cross-reference: CV number to Stores reference number


Since 1941 the Inter-Service title "CV" has been used for names of new valves instead of the previous individual Service type designations (NR, AR, VR etc.). The system has now been extended to include all valves used by the Services and this book is a complete register to the date of issue.

The register is in two parts:

Part "A" contains mainly those valves newly introduced into Service use where a functional description is necessary.

Part "B" contains those valves already in Service use or standardised as more or less well known commercial types, where a functional description is not necessary.

Governing specification: this column indicates the source of the specification to which the valve is accepted by the Services:

AD = Admiralty (UK)
MOS = Ministry of Supply (UK)
MAP = Ministry of Aircraft Production (UK)
GPO = General Post Office (UK)
JAN = Joint Army-Navy Committee (USA)
COM = Commercial i.e. the current factorty test schedule of teh maker concerned
IS = Inter-Service i.e. a specification common to two or more of the British Services exists

Register part A

Register part B


Cross reference
Valve number to CV number
Appendix: valves superseded by CV types: BT19 to 4242A
AP stores reference to CV number
ZA stores reference to CV number
10E and 110E references to CV number
CV number to stores reference

NCxx CRT data


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