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CV Register of Electronic Valves

CV Register of Electronic Valves Aug 1946

This issue of the Register, which supersedes Issue 1, dated December 1944, has been revised and rearranged in order to simplify the easy reference of any type.


Section 1 Complete list of CV titles in numerical order, showing old names, stores reference numbers, governing specifications and giving a brief description of the class of valve.
Section 2 Alpha-numerical list of all British valves, and those foreign valves allotted CV tytles; it shows both the maker or originator and the CV title allotted. Separate parts will be issued later covering foreign valves other than those allotted CV numbers. (* does anyone have these?)
Section 3 List of CV titles showing possible alternatives. (* This section is missing - please let me know if you have a 1946 CV Register with Chapter 3)
Section 4 Cross reference of stores references to CV titles
Section 5 List of CV titles giving general data divided into classes as shown inthe description column in Section 1.

(Note: the CV Register refers to sections as Chapters)

Section 1 - Complete list of CV titles

Type designation shown in the prototype column indicate the type of valve on which development was based. This type should not be assumed to be a replacement for the CV valve.

Where a CV number appears with no other information against it, this number has not yet been allocated.

The description given in the last column is provided as a guide to the part in Section 5 in which the relevant data will be found.

In the case of multiple valves, the minor feature is shown in brackets in the description column. The data covering the whole valve will be found in Section 5 under the heading not in brackets, for example (Diode) Triode will be found under Triodes.

The column headed "Gov. Spec." refers to the Governing Specification as under:

ADAdmiralty Specification in EVS
MOSMinistry of Supply Specification in EVS
MAPMinistry of Aircraft Production Specification in EVS
GPOGeneral Post Office Specification in EVS
JANUSA JAN 1A Specification in JAN 1A
COMCommercial Specification not issued - check with the manufacturer


Section 2 - list of valves by commercial designation to CV numbers

In these tables, column 1 lists all known British valves and also valves of foreign manufacture which have been allotted CV titles.

Column 2 gives the maker's name. In cases of valves not bearing a commercial type designation the originating authority is shown, e.g. ACR14 is shown as W.O. (War Office)

Column 3 shows the relevant CV title. In some cases the valve shown in column 1 has not been allotted a CV title but may be very similar, or may be the type from which the CV valve was derived. In these cases the CV title is shown in brackets.

In all cases where a CV number is shown in brackets the valve in column 1 is for practical purposes the same as the CV valve, but it may have wider tolerances in its specification, e.g. GT1C is shown (CV 1128). The specification for CV1128 is more severe than the commercial requirements for GT1C, but otherwise the two valves are identical.


Section 4 - Cross reference of stores references to CV titles

This section contains cross references from the old stores designations to the new CV titles

Section 5 - List of CV titles giving general data

The data given is only to be used as a guide. Reference should be made to the relevant specification before adoption into any specific piece of apparatus.

Multiple valves are included in the section corresponding to their major component. E.g. a triode-hexode is classified as a hexode and relegated to the section "Valves with more than three grids" while a triode-pentode or a double pentode would be classified as a pentode. In the latter instance data applies to one "half" of the valve only, unless otherwise stated.

Symbols employed are, where applicable, in accordance with K1001 Appendix II.

Triodes Photo-cells Tetrodes, pentodes and
beam power amplifiers VM tubes Gas relays,
gas modulators
Cathode ray tubes Rectifiers Voltage stabilisters
and barretters Miscellaneous types
Valves with more
than three grids Magnetrons Crystal valves Diodes Spark gaps and trigatrons TR devices

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