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CV Register of Electronic Valves

CV Register of Electronic Valves (including semiconductor devices) 1963, Amendment 14 (May 1971)

CV titles - page by page (PDF).

  1. The first column is the CV number in numerical order
  2. The second column gives the prototypes and possible substitutes. It should not be assumed they are identical with the CV type. In the case of a valve with COM entered in the third column, and where more than one valve is listed, the name in italics is the valve that the CV number was assigned to.
  3. The third column lists the authorities responsible for the preparation of the specifications of the valve:
    • AD - Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment
    • MOA - Ministry of Aviation, RAE, RRE, and SRDE
    • SH - UK Atomic Energy Authority, AERE
    • WO - War Office
    • GPO - General Post Office (BT now)
    • JAN, MIL - USA JAN1A and MIL-E-1B
    • COM - No specification issued (contact the manufacturer)
  4. The fourth column gives the valve's functional type

Type designation to CV titles (Commercial to CV xref)

Old stores ref number to CV titles (old numbers to CV; ZA, 10E, 110E etc)

Joint Service Catalogue numbers


The UK NATO Stock Number is obtained by formula for many CV valves for which CV numbers were allocated prior to 1961. Valves to which CV numbers have been allocated after this date have Stock Numbers which bear no relation to the CV number.

"No NATO Stock No. has been allotted" means that the device is of UK origin but no stock number has been allotted as it had not been used for military purposes. "No UK NATO Stock No. has been allotted" means that the device is of other than UK origin. A stock number from another Issuing Authority may be in existence.

Change in NATO Stock Number Class Codes

All thermionic valves and semiconductor devices for military purposes have been allotted a NATO Stock Number in the Class Code 5960. Integrated circuits have been allotted 5999, but from January 1967, the three classes of devices were segregated as follows:

  • Thermionic valves: 5960
  • Semiconductor devices: 5961
  • Integrated circuits: 5962

The list of NATO Stock Numbers against CV Numbers shown here has been ammended to include the new Class Code. Where an NSN is found by formula, refer to the CV register to find the class of device from the Description column. For example, CV123 is classed as a valve so the Class Code is 5960; CV351 is a semi-conductor so the Class Code is 5961.

List of CV Numbers to which the UK NSN is obtained by formula

The formula applies to the following CV numbers:

  • CV1 to CV4099 inclusive
  • CV4501 to CV4520 inclusive
  • CV5001 to CV5175 inclusive
  • CV6008

The Stock number is obtained by taking the number part of the CV number and prefixing this with the Class Code 5960, the UK National Code 99, and padding the part number to 7 digits. Thus, CV123 becomes 5960-99-000-0123.

Exceptions to the above are as follows:


CV number to NSN

CV1 to CV4524 CV7159 to CV7316 CV8637 to CV8796 CV10095 to CV10236
CV5001 to CV5330 CV7317 to CV7476 CV8797 to CV8956 CV10237 to CV10359
CV5331 to CV5488 CV7477 to CV7658 CV8957 to CV9116 CV10360 to CV10481
CV5489 to CV5679 CV7659 to CV7761 CV9117 to CV9276 CV10482 to CV10603
CV5680 to CV5837 CV7762 to CV7837 CV9277 to CV9436 CV10604 to CV10719
CV5838 to CV5995 CV7838 to CV7858 CV9437 to CV9596 CV10720 to CV10776
CV5996 to CV6155 CV8001 to CV8158 CV9597 to CV9756 CV10778 to CV10947
CV6156 to CV6192 CV8159 to CV8316 CV9757 to CV9916 CV10948 to CV11115
CV6193 to CV6218 CV8317 to CV8476 CV9917 to CV9941 CV11116 to CV11261
CV7001 to CV7158 CV8477 to CV8636 CV9942 to CV10094 

NSN to CV number

2000 to 2216 3227 to 3454 4367 to 4594 5406 to 5638
2217 to 2443 3455 to 3682 4595 to 4822 5639 to 5871
2444 to 2671 3683 to 3910 4823 to 4952 5872 to 6025
2672 to 2899 3911 to 4138 4953 to 5177 
2900 to 3226 4139 to 4366 5178 to 5404 

NSN table scans provided by Harvey Edwards

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