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CV1032 double triode

Size This valve measures 107x42mm overall and has a B7 base.


Filament voltage 2V
Filament current 200mA
Max anode voltage 150V
Max anode current swing 35mA
Max peak applied signal (G1 to G2) 40V
Average anode current (A) 6mA
Static anode current (each half) (B) 1.25mA
Anode to anode load (Va=90) 20k ohms
Anode to anode load (Va=120) 12k ohms

(A) Va=120

(B) Va=100, Vg=0

Pin Function
1 Grid I
2 Grid II
3 Anode II
4 Filament -ve
5 Filament +ve
6 n/c
7 Anode I