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CV1052 / VT52 / EL32 / 10E/11398 Pentode

CV1052 size The valve measures 108x28mm overall and has an octal base. G1 is the top cap.

This valve is equivalent to the EL32 audio output pentode.

The valve shown on the right has the marking GPO Batch Sampled 8288 marked on the base and M02 8612 on the glass. See below for other examples. See also CV5233.

Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 200mA
Max anode voltage 300V
Max screen voltage 250V
Max anode dissipation 7.5W
Mutual conductance * 2.85mA/V
Anode impedance * 70k ohms
Max operating frequency 20MHz
Cae 7.6pF
Cge 4.4pF
Cag 0.5pF

*: At Va=Vg2=250, Vg1=-18.5, Ia=30mA

Pin Function
1 n/c
2 Heater
3 Anode
4 Screen grid
5 n/c
6 no pin
7 Heater
8 Cathode + suppressor grid
TC Control grid

More examples. These measure 108x35mm. The top two are VT52's, the bottom left is simply marked CV1052 and the bottom right is marked both CV1052 and EL32 - this one carries the marking GPO Batch Sampled 4388 on the base.

  VT52   VT52 / 10E/11398



First three valves donated by Chris Colebrook, EL32 by Bryan Lonsdale

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