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ARP36 / CV1065 / VR65 / SP61 / CV118 / 10E/11446 HF pentode

Size The valve measures 96x33mm overall and has a Mazda Octal base


Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 0.63A
Max anode voltage 250V
Max screen voltage 250V
Max anode dissipation 3W
Max screen dissipation 1.25W
Mutual conductance 8.5mA/V
Max operating frequency 100MHz


Pin Function
1 Heater
2 Cathode
3 Anode
4 Screen grid
5 Suppressor grid
6 Metallising
7 no pin
8 Heater
TC Control grid

CV118 is the same valve specially aged for positive grid drive conditions.




CV1065 / VR65 ARP36

VR65 SP61 CV118

CV118 label
The Haltron VR65 in the main picture also carries CV118 on the back

CV118 donated by Chris Colebrook

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