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CV1068 voltage stabiliser

Size This stabiliser measures 135x45mm overall and has a B5 base.


Max striking voltage for 3 gaps 280V
Max striking voltage for 4 gaps 360V
Nom operating voltages at 30mA cathode current:
Anode 1 to cathode 70V
Anode 2 to cathode 140V
Anode 3 to cathode 210V
Anode 4 to cathode 280V
Max cathode current 60mA


Pin Function
1 Anode 4
2 Cathode
3 Anode 2
4 Anode 3
5 Anode 1

Wire connection
The outer connecton can be seen here. It connects to one of the pins in the base via a wire to the glass tube that can be seen in the centre of the photo.

First shell
The outer electrode (Cathode, or -C) removed. At the bottom of the picture can be seen the wire connecting the next electrode (Anode 1, or "0") to the base. Second shell
Anode 1 removed revealing anode 2 (or +B1). The two wires that can be seen are held in the ceramic base to hold the electrode rigid. This is common of the construction of this device.

Third shell
Anode 2 removed revealing anode 3 (or +B2). Again the wire connecting the remaining anode to the base can be seen at the bottom of the picture.

Fourth shell

Anode 3 removed, revealing anode 4 (or +B3). This inner anode is now all that is left.

Final wire connection
The connecting wire for the inner anode is taken through the top and down an insulated tube inside.
Fifth shell

The parts
Here are all the component parts, except the base and glass! Dimensions of the various anodes are as follows:

Cathode (-C) 47mm tall by 39mm inside diameter
Anode 1 (0) 37mm tall by 32mm inside diameter
Anode 2 (+B1) 33mm tall by 25mm inside diameter
Anode 3 (+B2) 29mm tall by 18mm inside diameter
Anode 4 (+B3) 25mm tall by 11mm inside diameter