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CV1090 - the original 'micropup'


Size The valve measures 115x38mm overall, plus the filament leads.


Filament volts 8.25V
Filament current 7A
Max anode volts 9kV
Total emission 5A
Max anode dissipation 100W
Amplification factor
(Va=1kV, Ia=100mA)
Max frequency 300MHz
Peak pulse output (per pair) 10kW
Cag 3.75pF
Cgf 2.20pF
Caf 0.90pF

In this valve, the grid connection is at the top, filament at the bottom, and the anode is the centre block. The anode itself is a cylinder with fins attached for cooling. It has a thoriated tungsten filament consisting of a single helix.

In operation the valve must be mounted vertically. Forced air cooling is needed and the temperature of the anode block must not exceed 140°C.