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CV1129 / VR129 / 10E/307 / NR71 / CV1284 HF pentode

Size This valve measures 121x45mm overall and has a 7-pin B7 base.

'ADSPECS' data indicates that NR71 and VR129 are the same valve, and the EVS data shows both are CV1129. Thus this page contains both CV1129 and CV1284, the latter example also being marked NR71.

Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1A
Max peak anode voltage 4kV
Max screen voltage 125V
Max anode dissipation 3W
Max screen dissipation 1W
Max grid resistance 2M ohms
Mutual conductance * 2.8mA/V
Anode impedance * 600k ohms
Cae 5.0pF
Cge 12.0pF
Cag max 0.02pF

*: At Va=250, Vg2=125, Vg1=-2; Ia=5.4mA.


Pin Function
1 n/c
2 Control grid
3 Suppressor grid
4 Heater
5 Heater
6 Cathode
7 Screen grid
TC Anode



CV1284 / NR71

CV1284 donated by Bill Wagner

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