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CV114 X-band TR cell

Size This cell measures 65x33x95mm overall.

The CV114 was the first production X-band TR cell, devised in early 1942. Due to the urgent need the resonant cavity was bored from a brass block with circular lead glass windows sealed in copper and soft soldered into place. Because of the soft solder construction the cell could not be outgassed effectively before the argon/water vapour mixture was introduced. It was being made in quantity by December 1942 and continued to 1944. It was superseded by the CV221.

Nominal operating frequency 9375MHz
Min DC priming voltage -1000V
Continuous priming current 0.5mA
Max line power in equipment 30kW

The cell has a filling of water vapour to a pressure of 6mm/Hg and Argon to 3mm/Hg.

The CV specification carries the warning that the TR cell may be damaged if tuned over its full range more than 5 times.


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