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CV12 (BT49) (E1191) mercury vapour thyratron

CV12 The thyratron measures 295x90mm overall (70mm across the glass) and weighs 1kg.

CV12 leads
Leads are colour coded with a coloured bead, yellow on one lead (filament), black on the other (filament) with the remaining lead (grid) having no colour bead.

2.5V/43A filament, 15kV max peak anode voltage, 200A max peak anode current.

Filament voltage 2.5V
Filament current 43A
Max peak anode voltage 15kV
Max peak anode current 200A
Operating mercury condensation temp range 60-70C
Repetition frequency 500pps
Pulse length 2µs

Markings on the glass are:

The CV12 was used in Type 277 radar with the CV76 magnetron.


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