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CV120 magnetron

This valve measures 250x115x66mm overall

The CV120 is an echelon strapped version of the CV41. It was used in the GL3 radar.

Heater voltage6V
Heater current7A
Max anode dissipation1kW
Wavelength10.70cm ±0.2
Typical operating conditions
Peak anode voltage *23kV
Peak anode current *40A
Average output peak power *360kW
Magnetic field *1350 oersteds
Approx air blast *100cu ft/min

*: These operating conditions refer to a sensibly square pulse shape, 1µs duration, repetition rate 500 cycles per second (max), and during operation and testing air must be blown through a fitting surrounding the pins. In no case shall the temperature of the anode exceed 140°C.

Side view