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CV122 triode

This valve measures 32x9mm overall and has 4 leads

This is a ruggedised high-mu triode for use in proximity fuzes

Filament voltage1.5V
Max filament current150mA
Max anode voltage100V
Mutual conductance *0.8mA/V
Amplification factor *32
Anode impedance *40k ohms

*: At Va=100, Vg=0.

Connections: From the green dot: Anode, Filament +ve, Filament -ve, Grid

Fuze valves had a very short operational life. The EVS sheet for the CV122 states that the valves are required for use in receivers and for short period of operation. There is no requirement to replace them or for them to have a normal lifespan. They need a long life in storage.

There is no CV number marked on the valve. Again, the EVS sheet gives a clue as it excludes the section in K1001 that requires this to be marked. The valve carries the number 476 with an 'E' underneath.