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CV127 transmitting triode

Size This valve measures 116x50mm overall and has 3 pins.

This valve has a thoriated tungsten filament which is centre-tapped for HF connection.

Filament voltage 6.3V
Filament current 2A
Amplification factor * 23
Mutual conductance * 3.0mA/V
Max DC anode voltage 1kV
Max DC anode current 60mA
Max anode dissipation 40W
Max DC grid current 15mA
Approx power at 50cm 15W
Cag max 5.5pF
Caf 0.2pF
Cgf max 6.0pF

*: At Va=500, Vg=-5.


The three pins in the base are the filament and the centre tap. The grid is connected to the body and the anode to the disc.

Inside view

Top quarter view Bottom quarter view

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