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CV1342 output pentode

This valve measures 90x32mm overall and has a Mazda Octal base

Filament voltage2.0V
Filament current200mA
Max anode voltage120V
Max screen voltage120V
Mutual conductance (a)3.0mA/V
Anode to anode load (b)17kΩ
Power output (b)750mW
Total quiescent current (b)4.6 (c)

(a) At Va=Vg2=100V, Vg1=0V
(b) With Va=Vg2=100V, Vg1=7.7, input swing per grid 5.45V RMS
(c) Unit not specified in the datasheet, it just says 4.6
1Filament -ve
2No pin
3Anode a
4Screen grids
5Control grid a
6Control grid b
7Anode b
8Filament +ve

The suppressor grids appear to be connected to the filament centre tap.


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