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CV1479 magnetron, serial number 5291.

The CV1479 to CV1482 series are improved versions of the CV76A to CV76D.

See also CV1480, CV1481 and CV1482.

Heater voltage 5V
Heater current 2.6A
Nominal frequency 3045MHz
Max anode dissipation 600W
Peak anode voltage 27kV
Peak anode current 35A
Peak output power 450kW
Pulse recurrence 500 pps
Pulse length 2 or 0.7µs
Field strength 2300 oersteds


CV1479 edge CV1479 rear

The main box measures 420x240x220mm. Inside this is another box, and inside that the magnetron in a shaped polystyrene tray.

Both boxes carry the warning "X-ray shielding is advisable to give protection against possible danger of personal injury arising from prolonged exposure at close range to this tube whilst it is in use."

The outer box carries the date Jan 67 (January 1967)

CV1479 box

CV1479 box

CV1479 inner box