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CV1526 CRT

Size This CRT measures 260x70mm overall and has a 12 pin base (10 fitted)

This is an electrostatic deflection CRT with a green Willemite screen. It was used in range amplitude displays (for daylight viewing) and also Rebecca Mk 3N.

Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1A
Max 4th anode voltage 3kV
Max 3rd anode voltage 1.5kV
Typical operating conditions
4th anode voltage 2.5kV
3rd anode voltage 1.3kV
2nd anode voltage 200V
Peak working beam current 200µA
Peak cathode current 1mA
X-plate sensitivity 0.215mm/V
Y-plate sensitivity 0.215mm/V


Pin Function Pin Function
1 Cathode 7 Y2
2 Grid 8 X2
3 Heater 9 Anodes 1 and 3 + internal coating
4 Heater 10 X1
5 Anode 2 11 Y1
6 no pin 12 No pin
Side cap Anode 4
Quarter view

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