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CV1130 / CV1586 / HL23 / VR130 / 10E/159 triode

Size This valve measures 82x31mm overall and has a Mazda Octal base. Size

This is a directly heated triode. The VR130 (CV1130 spec.) and CV1586 specs differ slightly in the test results but are otherwise identical.

Filament voltage 2.0V
Filament current 50mA
Max operating anode voltage 150V
Mutual conductance * 1.5mA/V
Amplification factor * 32
Anode impedance * 21k ohms
Cin 2.5pF
Cout 4.7pF
Cag 4.7pF

*: At Va=100,Vg=0.

Pin Function
1 Filament
2 no pin
3 Anode
4 no pin
5 Grid
6 Metallising
7 no pin
8 Filament
CV1586 HL23 VR130
CV1586, HL23 (also carries CV1586), and VR130

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