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CV16 disc seal triode

Size This valve measures 65x28mm overall (glass) and 50mm across the disc.


This is a UHF triode designed for grounded grid use to 600MHz. It has an oxide coated cathode, coated on one side only.

Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 650mA
Max anode voltage 350V
Autobias resistance 150 ohms
Max anode dissipation 2W (3W with adequate cooling)
Amplification factor * 100
Mutual conductance * 5mA/V
Cag 1.6pF
Cgc 4.0pF
Cac 0.035pF

*: At Va=250

The heater/cathode connection is the longer of the two leads.

End view


See also: CV88.

Inside view Inside view