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CV160A magnetron

Cv160A The magnetron measures 238x82x57mm overall and weighs 1.4kg


Heater voltage 6V
Heater current 1.25A
Frequency 3000 to 3125 MHz
Typical operating conditions
Peak anode voltage 22.5kV 18kV
Peak anode current 22.5A 17.5A
Field strength 2050 gauss 1750 gauss
Peak power output 200kW 100kW


It has the serial number s4274 stamped on the rear of the body, and on the glass boot is a label marked 'inspected 4274 A'

CV160A side view


CV160A glass boot
Pictured here is the glass boot that protects the heater seals from damage. Shown below is the output port.

CV160A output