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CV1630 / 5C/450A pentode

This valve measures 310x110mm overall and has a 4 pin base

This is described as an RF suppressor modulated pentode

Filament voltage10V
Nominal filament current13A
Max usable emission7A
Max anode voltage *3kV
Max screen voltage *650V
Max anode dissipation *450W
Max screen dissipation *100W
Mutual conductance **6.5mA/V
Max anode voltage at 20MHz2.25kV
Cag (max)0.2pF
Cae (max)30.0pF
Cge (max)50.0pF

*: At a max frequency of 10MHz
**: At: Va=2.5kV, Vg2=600V, Vg3=0, Vg1=-90V (AC filament) or -85V (DC filament)

The pins are arranged as follows: when viewed from the base, the pin on its own is the screen grid; the three pins in an arc are filament, control grid, filament. At the top of the valve, the anode connection is above the single base pin, and the suppressor grid the other side.

CV1630 / 5C/450A
Quarter view Quarter view

Top detail
The envelope incorporates a glass support for the electrode structure.

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