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CV1660 / GPO VT82 triode

Size This valve measures 105x45mm overall and has a B4 base. (the GPO VT82 valve is bigger at 109x50mm)

These are basically two constructions of the same valve but carrying different markings. These were specified for the GPO (UK General Post Office)

Nom filament voltage 4V
Filament current 150mA
Max anode voltage 150V
Amplification factor * 12
Anode impedance * 5k ohms
Cag max 12pF
Cae max 12pF
Cge max 12pF

*: At Va=130, Vg=-4.


Pin Function
1 Anode
2 Grid
3 Filament -ve
4 Filament +ve



Donated by Bryan Lonsdale


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