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CV172 noise diode

Size The valve measures 70x36mm overall and has a B9G base

The prototype for this valve is E1468.

Normal filament voltage 6V
Mean filament current 1A
Mean saturated anode current 18mA
Max permissible filament voltage 7V
Approx spread of Vf over a number of valves for Ia (saturated) 6.25 to 6.75V

Saturation occurs with an anode voltage not greater than 50V. At a filament voltage of 7V the life of the valve is reduced to 100 hours. The value of the saturated anode current is normally regulated by variation of filament voltage.

Pin Function
1 Filament
2 Anode
3 Anode
4 n/c
5 (filament spring)
6 n/c
7 Anode
8 Anode
9 Filament
another view internal view filament view
Views of the internal structure of the valve. The filament is a single hairpin supported in the centre by a spring. The anode is supported at each side by metal plates which also support the getter carrier at the top of the envelope.
bottom quarter top quarter