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STC CV1883 / 4H/182E RF tetrode

Size This valve measures 138x80mm overall and has an 8-pin base

Note the CV Register and the EVS data for this valve suggests it is a 4H/180E but this valve and its box are clearly marked 4H/182E.

Filament voltage 5V
Filament current 22.5A
Filament usable emission 5A
Mutual conductance * 10mA/V
Inner amplification factor * 3.5
Max direct anode voltage 2kV
Max direct anode current 300mA
Max anode dissipation 330W
Max direct screen voltage 250V
Max direct screen dissipation 20W
Max direct grid dissipation 20W
Max frequency for above ratings 110MHz
Capacitances (measured with a 12" square metal plate fitted to the screen grid terminal)
Cin 36pF
Cout 13pF
Ca,g1 0.15pF

*: At Va=1kV, Vg2=500V, Vg1=-30V

Pin Function
1 Filament 1
2 Control grid
3 Filament 2
4 Control grid
5 Filament 1
6 Control grid
7 Filament 2
8 Control grid
Shell around base Screen grid
Finned radiator Anode
Quarter view
Base view: the filament and control grid take alternate pins, the screen grid is the metal shell around the base.