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CV19 high voltage rectifier. This is the military version of the EHT1. The CV19 was used in the MB2 radar in WWII. The torpedo shape of the bulb was intended to save space.


CV19 size

The valve measures approx. 450x135mm.


Filament voltage 17V
Filament current 10A
Max PIV 63kV
Ik 66mA


CV19 anode
The anode in closeup. The filament tensioning spring can be seen to the left, with the filament itself just visible running from left to right.
CV19 anode end
The anode connector. A wire connects to the metal strap around the glass seal. Note the nut-and-bolt construction.
CV19 filament
A view into the anode, showing the filament, and the support rods which hold the tensioning spring at the other end. The filament is a single hairpin.

CV19 internals
A view of the filament support and connections, plus the base. The base is an Edison Screw (ES) type, with a large anti-corona shield incorporated.

CV19 filament connector