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CV1905 transmitting tetrode

Size This valve measures 111x56mm overall and has a 7 pin base (5 fitted).

This is the CV equivalent of the 4-65A.

Filament voltage 6V
Filament current 3.5A
Max anode voltage 3kV
Max anode current 150mA
Max screen voltage 400V
Max anode dissipation 80W
Max screen dissipation 10W
Max grid dissipation 5W
Mutual conductance (Va=500, Vg2=250, Ia=125mA) 4.0mA/V
Inner amplification factor 6.0
Max frequency for full rating 150MHz
Max bulb temperature 225C
Cag 0.12pF
Cge 7.15pF
Cae 2.25pF


Pin Function
1 Filament
2 Screen grid
3 no pin
4 Control grid
5 no pin
6 Screen grid
7 Filament
TC Anode