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CV1997 CRT

Size This CRT measures 180x75mm overall and has a 9 pin base.

The prototype of this CRT is VCRX307

Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1.1A
Max third anode voltage 1.7kV
Max peak cathode current 500µA
x-plate sensitivity 175/Va3 mm/V
y-plate sensitivity 185/Va3 mm/V
Typical operating conditions
Third anode voltage 1.5kV
Second anode voltage 75V
Beam current 30µA
Cathode current 40µA


End view
The CRT has a concave screen.
Pin Function
1 Cathode and heater
2 Grid
3 Heater
4 Anode 2
5 X1
6 Y1
7 Anode 1 and 3
8 Y2
9 X2

When viewing the screen with the tube positioned such that the keyway on the base spigot is at 30 degrees to the left of vertical, a positive voltage on pin 8 (Y2) will deflect the spot upwards.


Top quarter view Bottom quarter view