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CV2024 heptode

Size This valve measures 59x17mm overall and has tags welded to the pins, plus an extra tag connected to the central spigot.

This is a modified CV453. See also CV4012. Note that this valve was originally marked CV453 and this has been lined out; it still carries the 6BE6 markings but of course the base has been modified.

Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 300mA
Max anode voltage 330V
Max G2 and G4 voltage 110V
Max G2 and G4 supply voltage 330V
Max anode dissipation 1.1W
Max G2 and G4 dissipation 1.1W
Max cathode current 15.5mA
Max G1 current 0.5mA
Conversion conductance * 0.47mA/V
Anode impedance * 1.0M ohms
Conversion conductance at Vg3=-30V 4.0µA/V
Capacitances (measured with close fitting metal screen)
Cag3 max 0.35pF
Cg3 - all 7pF
Ca - all 13.5pF

*: At Va=250, Vg2+Vg4 = 100, Vg1=0, Vg3=-1.5

Pin Function
1 Grid 1 (osc)
2 Cathode and Grid 5
3 Heater
4 Heater
5 Anode
6 Grid 2 and Grid 4
7 Grid 3 (signal)

Donated by Chris Colebrook

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