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CV2116 reflex klystron

SIze The valve measures 75x27mm overall and has a B7G base


Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 0.65A
Frequency range 1800 to 4500MHz
Nominal power output at 3200MHz 140mW
Max. resonator dissipation 8W
Normal reflector voltage 250V
Max. reflector voltage (-ve to cathode) 500V
Cathode shield voltage 0V
Max. permissible source
resistance of reflector supply
250k ohms
Max. heater-cathode voltage 90V
Min. life expectancy 2000 hours


Pin Function
1 Cathode shield
2 Cathode
3 n/c
4 Cathode shield
5 Heater
6 Cathode shield
7 Heater
TC Reflector


Top quarter Bottom quarter