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CV2131 tetrode

Size This valve measures 150x85mm overall and has a 5 pin base.

See also CV5343 which is based on this valve

Filament voltage 5.0V
Filament current 14.1A
Max anode voltage 4kV
Max screen voltage 600V
Max anode dissipation 250W
Max screen dissipation 35W
Max control grid dissipation 10W
Max DC control grid voltage -500V
Max DC anode current 350mA
Mutual conductance 4.0mA/V
Inner amplification factor 5.25
Max anode top cap temperature 170C


Pin Function
1 Filament
2 Screen grid
3 Control grid
4 Screen grid
5 Filament
TC Anode
Top quarter view Bottom quarter view

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