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CV2158 thyratron

This valve measures 290x103mm overall and has three leads

This is a hydrogen thyratron aimed at use as a radar modulator

Filament voltage (a)2.5 ±0.1 V
Filament current38A
Max peak anode voltage (b, d)14kV
Peak anode current (b, d)400A
Min trigger pulse voltage (c)500V
DC grid voltage-100V
Max rate of rise of anode current (b)200A/sec

(a) During the first 50 hours of life a warming up time of 10 minutes is required. A further 5 minutes may be required for the HT to be increased to its full value. After 50 hours of use a 2 minute warming up time is sufficient provided the valve has been operating during the previous 50 hours - otherwise a 10 minute warming up period is required.
(b) These ratings are for operation with
  1. repetition frequency of 1000 pps
  2. pulse length of 1.25µs
  3. sensibly square pulse shape
  4. load resistance of 17.5 ohms
  5. anode cooling by an air stream at 2.5" ± 0.5" water head
  6. DC resonant charging

(c) The trigger pulse should be between 1 and 3µs long at the 500V (or higher) level. The source impedance of the trigger pulse generator should be between 250 and 500 ohms. The DC resistance of the grid-cathode circuit should not exceed 2000 ohms.
(d) The valve contains a hydrogen replenisher and therefore cannot be used much below the ratings given
(e) No object should be placed within 1" of the glass of the valve during operation


Quarter view

Side view Anode connector cooling fins Base view