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CV2164 klystron

This valve measures115x42x69mm overall and has an octal base

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current560mA
Max resonator voltage400V
Max resonator dissipation20W
Reflector voltage range-80 to -165V
Min RF power output15mW
Mechanical tuning range9320 to 9500MHz
Min electronic tuning range20MHz
Nominal reflector voltage change to give 20MHz electronic tuning15V
Max total impedance in reflector to cathode circuit500k ohms

Note: the reflector voltage must always remain negative with respect to the cathode. If under AFC working there is a chance of the reflector voltage becoming equal to, or positive with respect to the cathode, a protective diode must be used.

3No pin
4No pin
6No pin
7Heater + cathode

Side viewSide view

The klystron carries the marking RB226 on the body, as well as 'Ref Volts -156'

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