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CV22 mercury vapour thyratron

CV22 size The valve measures 265x65mm and weighs 450g.

Markings on the valve are:

Ref No. ZC/CV.22

CV22 is stamped onto the metal band, which is the heater and cathode connection. The two leads are colour-coded; the yellow bead is the heater lead, the red bead the grid.

Filament voltage2.5V
Aprox filament current22A
Max peak anode voltage20kV
Max rate of rise of anode current65A/µs
Max -ve standing grid voltage-250V
Concensed mercury tempperature for abobve ratings45 to 60C

The above ratings apply for a pulse of 1 to 3µs at a PRF of 500/sec

The grid consists of a perforated graphite disc, often called a 'pepper-pot' grid.

Two CV22 thyratrons were used to generate a 40A/25kV 1µs pulse at 400pps for the GL3 S-band radar.

CV22 inside view