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CV2230 CRT

Size This CRT measures 305x93mm overall and has an octal base

This is a magnetic deflection / electrostatic focus CRT with an aluminium-backed screen. The screen is completely flat.

Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 600mA
Max 1st anode voltage 1.45kV
Max 3rd anode voltage 8kV
Typical operating conditions
3rd anode voltage 7kV
2nd anode voltage 1kV
1st anode voltage 1.25kV

The 1st anode must always be at least 50V positive to the 2nd anode.


Pin Function
1 n/c
2 Anode 1
3 Anode 2
4 n/c
5 Grid
6 Cathode
7 Heater
8 Heater
Side cap Anode 3
Quarter view

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