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CV224 X-band reflex klystron.

Size The valve measures 125x70mm overall and weighs approx 240g.

See also CV129, CV223

Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1.4A
Tuning range 9645 to 9710MHz
Max resonator dissipation 10W
Resonator voltage 1.6kV
Reflector voltage range -300 to -550V
Grid voltage (operating) 0 to -100V
Max -ve grid voltage for oscillation cut-off -150V
Max grid series resistance 25k ohms
Max reflector series resistance 25k ohms
Max resonator temperature 140V


Pin Function
1 Grid
2 Heater
3 n/c
4 n/c
5 n/c
6 n/c
7 Heater
8 Cathode
TC Reflector
Body Resonator

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