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CV225 air cooled triode

This valve measures 130x75mm overall and has 7 connections

This valve is based on the ACT17.

Nominal filament voltage (a)10.5V
Nominal filament current (b)24.0A
Max D.C. anode voltage3.5kV
Working peak anode voltage5.0kV
Max anode dissipation (b)600W
Max D.C. anode current400mA
Working peak R.F. anode current1.9A
Max grid dissipation25W
Max R.F. grid current (c)2.5A
Total emission2.0A

(a) The exact value of the filament voltage shall be marked on the valve
(b) With air cooling including an air blast to the filament seals
(c) Grid current to be distributed equally over the four leads Label

The connections are as follows: there are three longer and four shorter pins. The two longer pins either side of two shorter ones are the filament. The third longer pin is the filament centre tap. All four shorter pins are strapped together and are the grid connector. The anode is the main copper body.

Quarter view
Quarter view