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CV2271 Dekatron counter

Size The valve measures 92x28mm overall and has an octal base

The EVS data states this valve was replaced by CV6044

Maximum striking voltage 350V    
Nominal maintaining voltage at 0.3mA 191V    
Max anode current 550µA    
Min anode current 250µA    
Max speed (digits/sec)   4000 2000
Max input signal peak to peak   140V 171V
Recommended operation
Supply voltage   400V 400V
Anode resistor   680k ohm 680k ohm
Signal amplitude, both guides   120V 55V RMS
Pulse duration, both guides   80µs  
Signal delay, 2nd guide   80µs  
Signal delay, 2nd guide     45 degrees
Bias voltage, both guides   60V 9V
Bias voltage K0   -20V -20V
Output cathode load   150k ohm 150k ohm


Pin Function
1 K1-9
3 1st guides
4 Anode
5 2nd guides
7 K0




Top view

Internal connections

Top quarter view