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CV2295 double beam tetrode

This valve measures 110x53mm overall and has a B7A base

Heater voltage6.3V (a)
Heater current2.25A
Max anode voltage5.0kV (b, c)
Max peak pulsed anode voltage5.75kV
Max grid voltage-225V (c, d)
Max peak grid voltage250V
Max peak pulsed grid voltage-600V
Max screen grid voltage850V (c)
Max peak anode current10.0A
Max peak grid current4.0A
Max peak screen grid current3.5A
Max anode dissipation15W (e)
Max grid dissipation1.0W
Max screen grid dissipation3.0W
Max heater-cathode voltage100V
Max input power60W
Max pulse duration1.2µS
Cag1 (max)0.12pF
Cin (nom)14.5pF
Cout (nom)6.95pF

(a) Centre-tapped 12.6V heater. Heaters may be operated in parallel or series. max variation of heater voltage shall be +10% and -5%
(b) Instantaneous anode voltage due to transient shall not exceed 5.75kV
(c) The DC resistance of the supply shall be sufficiently large to limit the short-circuit current to 0.5A
(d) Instantaneous grid voltage due to transient shall not exceed -600V
(e) Each section
2Control grid "
3Screen grid
4Cathode + beam plates
5Heater centre tap
6Control grid '
TC1Anode '
TC2Anode "