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CV2296 strobotron

Size This device measures 103x32mm overall and has an octal base.

The prototype of this valve is NSP2.

Max anode DC voltage 380V
Min anode DC voltage 220V
Max mean anode current 40 to100mA
PIV 350V
Trigger voltage 80 to 130V
Max average grid current 10mA
Max flashing frequency 250 per sec
Ambient temperature range -35 to +60 C
Starting characteristics
Min trigger current (Va=380V) 50µA
Min trigger current (Va=200V) 300µA
Max delay time 40µs
Typical operating conditions
DC supply voltage 330V
Screen grid voltage 70V
Trigger pulse amplitude 70V
Charging resistor 3000 ohms
Discharge capacitor (for cycles/second)
6 - 35 c/s 4µF
30 - 50 c/s 3µF
45 - 80 c/s 2µF
80 - 150 c/s 1µF
140 - 250 c/s 0.5µF


Pin Function
1 n/c
2 n/c
3 Anode
4 Screen grid
5 Control grid
6 no pin
7 n/c
8 Cathode


Top quarter view