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CV2318 / A2272 halfwave rectifier

Size This valve measures 115x45mm overall and has a 9-pin Loktal base.


Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 1.6A
Rectifier rating
Max DC anode current 100mA
Max peak anode current 100mA
Max surge anode current 2.0A
Max PIV with direct switching 14.25kV
Min limiting resistance 4000 ohms
Max cathode-heater voltage 250V
Inverse diode rating
Max pulsed anode current * 7.5A
Max pulsed anode current (fault conditions) *, ** 14A
Max anode dissipation 10W
Max PIV 14.25kV
Max cathode heating time 60 secs
Max ambient temperature 90C
Ca-all 6.0pF

*: Pulse width=1µs , PRF=1000pps
**: Max duration of fault=2 secs, max frequency of faults =1 per 5 mins.


Pin Function
1 Heater
2 i/c
3 i/c
4 i/c
5 i/c
6 i/c
7 i/c
8 Cathode
9 Heater
TC Anode