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CV2341 co-axial noise diode

This valve measures 92x50mm overall.

This is a co-axial noise diode for frequencies up to 1GHz. The prototype is VX3138.

Max filament voltage 5.0V
Max filament current 4.0A
Max saturated anode current 200mA
Anode voltage for saturation at all anode currents 200V
Max anode voltage 400V
Max anode dissipation without forced air cooling 10W
Max anode dissipation with forced air cooling 40W
Characteristic impedance 70 ohms

The value of the saturated anode current is regulated by variation of the filament voltage. The estimated life of this diode at 200mA anode current is 30 hours; at 20mA it is 1000 hours.


Top quarter view Bottom quarter view