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CV2348 electrometer triode

This valve measures 43x9mm overall and has a 5 lead base

Filament voltage1.25V
Filament current8.2mA
Max anode supply voltage45V
Max control grid voltage-50V
Max screen voltage10V
Max cathode current180µA
Mutual conductance *11µA/V
Amplification factor *110
Grid current *3x10-15A

*: At Va=10, Ia=5µA, Vg1=-2.5.

The glass must not be touched within half an inch of the leads, and the leads are not to be soldered nearer than half an inch from the glass to avoid contamination of the glass

Viewed from the base, with the red spot upwards, the connections are: top: anode; bottom: control grid; left: filament -ve; right: filament +ve; centre: screen grid