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CV2384 silicon diode

This diode measures 8x5mm overall and has 2 leads

Max reverse working voltage60V
Max dissipation at temperatures up to 75°C150mW
Max dissipation at 100°C100mW
Max forward DC current at 25°C100mA
Max forward DC current at 100°C60mA
Max rectified AC current at 25°C *80mA
Max rectified AC current at 100°C *45mA
Max reverse current at 25°C **0.1µA
Max reverse current at 100°C **10µA
Max ambient temperature range ***-40 to +150°C
Cak max5pF

*: Mean rectified current from 50Hz AC 60V peak into a resistive or inductive load
**: Applied voltage 60V
***: At ambient temperatures above 75°C the ratings for dissipation, forward DC current and rectified AC current decrease linearly with temperature, reducing to zero at 150°C


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