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CV2416 pulse amplifier tetrode

This valve measures 140x60mm overall

Heater voltage26.0V ±10%
Heater current2.15A
Max peak forward anode voltage25kV
Max anode supply voltage20kV
Max peak anode current *18A
Max peak forward grid voltage300V
Max grid reverse voltage-1000V
Max screen grid voltage1.5kV
Max anode dissipation60W
Max screen grid dissipation8W
Min cathode heating time180 secs
Max seal temperature200°C
Cag (max)2.0pF
Cin (nom)42.5pF
Cout (nom)8.5pF

The duty cycle should not exceed 0.001. For peak currents exceeding 5.0A the product of peak current in amps and pulse duration in µs should not exceed 40 and the valve should not be operated for longer than 5µs in any 100µs interval. For peak currents not exceeding 5.0A the anode dissipation of 60W shall determine the permissible pulse length. At higher duty cycles the peak current must be reduced in proportion. In applications where the peak current drawn is less than the maximum rating, the heating-time may be reduced proportionately. In no circumstances however, should it be less than 60 secs. The screen grid decoupling series resistance must be at least 20k ohms.

2Screen grid
3Control grid
4Heater + cathode

Inside view