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CV2419 CRT

Size This CRT measures 255x70mm overall and has a B12B base


Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1A
Max 5th anode voltage 7kV
Max 4th anode voltage <Va5
Max 3rd anode voltage 3kV
Typical operating conditions
5th anode voltage 6.5kV
4th anode voltage 4kV
3rd anode voltage 2.5kV
2nd anode voltage 175V
1st anode voltage 2kV
X-plate sensitivity 0.095mm/V
Y-plate sensitivity 0.095mm/V

Note: the 4th anode voltage must be less than the 5th anode voltage but secondary emission effects may occur if the difference exceeds 1.5kV.


Pin Function Pin Function
1 Cathode 7 Y2
2 Grid 8 X2
3 Heater 9 Anode 1
4 Heater 10 X1
5 Anode 2 11 Y1
6 Anode 3 / intl coating 12 no pin
1st side cap Anode 4
2nd side cap Anode 5
Quarter view