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CV2494 reflex klystron

Size This klystron measures60x20 across the main body; the flange is 41mm square.


Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 1.2A
Mechanical tuning range (mode 6) 8500 to 9655MHz
RF power output (mode 5) 40 to 120mW
RF power output (mode 6) 12 to 66mW
Min RF power output (mode 7) 8mW
Max resonator voltage 350V
Max resonator current 55mA
Reflector voltage range 0 to -500V
Max resonator/reflector voltage 550V
Max electronic tuning (mode 5) 20MHz
Max electronic tuning (mode 6) 30MHz
Max heater-cathode voltage 45V
Max body temperature 200C
Max vibration, 20Hz to 1kHz, 2 mins max duration 10g
Max shock (short duration) 100g
Min operating pressure 70mm Hg


Lead Function
Yellow Heater
Yellow Heater
Green Cathode
Grey Reflector
Tan Resonator



Quarter view Quarter view