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CV2516 / 2C39A UHF triode

Size This valve measures 70x32mm overall.


Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 1.05A
Max grid voltage -150V
Max seal temperature 175C
Cathode conditioning time 60s
Oscillator or amplifier
Max anode voltage 1kV
Max cathode current 125mA
Max anode dissipation 100W
Max grid voltage -150V
Max grid dissipation 2W
Max grid current 50mA
Anode modulated oscillator or amplifier
Max peak anode voltage 1.2kV
Max cathode current 100mA
Max anode dissipation 100W
Max grid dissipation 2W
Max grid current 50mA

The transit time heating effect of the cathode must be compensated by a reduction in heater voltage after dynamic operation of the valve has started. The back heating is a function of frequency, grid current and grid bias. For satisfactory life the heater voltage must be adjusted to the value indicated below:

MHz Heater voltage
Up to 400 6.3
400 to 1000 6.0
1000 to 1500 5.5
1500 to 2000 5.0
2000 and above 4.5



CV2516 / 2C39A
Thanks to Pete Bate for providing this valve

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