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CV2519 radial beam tetrode, rated at up to 250W (with forced air cooling) and up to 500MHz. It is designed specifically for Class AB SSB linear amplifier use.

Size This valve measures 60x40mm overall and has an 8 pin base.


Heater voltage 6V
Heater current 2.6A
Max negative control grid voltage -250V
Max input control grid 2W
Max heater/cathode voltage +/-150V
Max anode core temperature 250C
Max anode seal temperature 200C
Max base seal temperature 175C
Max altitude 10,000 feet
Min cathode heating time 30 secs
Class AB audio
Max anode voltage 2kV
Max anode dissipation 250W
Max anode input 500W
Max anode current 250mA
Max screen voltage 400V
Max screen dissipation 12W
Class C telephony
Max anode voltage (up to 150MHz) 1.6kV
Max anode input (up to 150MHz) 320W
Max anode voltage (150 to 500MHz) 1kV
Max anode input (150 to 500MHz) 200W
Max anode dissipation 165W
Max screen voltage 300V
Max screen dissipation 10W
Max anode current 200mA


Pin Function
1 Screen grid
2 Cathode
3 Heater
4 Cathode
5 i/c
6 Cathode
7 Heater
8 Cathode
Centre pin Control grid
Cooling fin Anode