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CV2868 xenon triode thyratron

Size This valve measures 160x52mm overall and has a 4 pin base.


Filament voltage 2.5V
Filament current 6.5A
Max PIV 340V
Max peak anode current 7.7A
Max mean anode current 640mA
normal mean anode current 400mA
Min grid control ratio 40
Max arc-drop at Ia=400mA 11V
Approx grid volts to cutoff Ia -1.5V
Ambient temperature range -55 to +70 C


Pin Function
1 Filament
2 n/c
3 Grid
4 Filament
TC Anode

Above is a picture of the grid, below the filament and shield.

Top quarter view
Quarter view of the thyratron.

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