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CV2968 / 7F8 double triode

This valve measures 52x30mm overall and has a B8G base

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current300mA
Max heater-cathode voltage90V
Max anode voltage300V
Max +ve DC grid voltage0V
Max anode dissipation *3.5W
Max grid circuit resistance500k ohms
Capacitances (with shield connected to cathode)
Cag (each side)1.7pF
Cin (each side)2.8pF
Cout (each side)1.4pF
Cg-g (max)0.1pF
Ca-a (max)0.4pF
Chk (each side)2.8pF

*: Max allowed for a single anode or total for both anodes simultaneously
1Grid '
3Anode '
4Cathode '
5Cathode "
6Anode "
8Grid "

CV2968 / 7F8